Put the body on offense.

PhosChol: Put the body on offense
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PhosChol: Age Related Memory Loss and Enhanced Brain Function

Purified Polyenlyphosphatidylcholine (PPC) – Enhanced Functioning of the Brain

One of the most important functions of PPC is its role in the formation and release of acetylcholine (ACh), a vital messenger chemical used by neurons (brain cells) in the memory centers of the brain (hippocampus and septum). The choline used by brain neurons mainly comes from lecithin found in all neural cells or from dietary sources of choline, including dietary PPC.

PPC and the Aging Memory

How Does Polyenlyphosphatidylcholine Affect Acetylcholine

The body requires free choline in the blood in order to manufacture acetylcholine. Blood choline levels have been shown to rise when certain foods (such as eggs and liver) and supplements (such as polyenlyphosphatidylcholine and lecithin) are consumed. When purified PhosChol is ingested, it provides free choline, and to a certain extent polyenlyphosphatidylcholine itself, to the blood that passes the blood brain barrier and becomes available for the manufacture of acetylcholine. A number of studies show that 100% purified polyenlyphosphatidylcholine is the most effective method of delivering choline to the brain.