Put the body on offense.

PhosChol: Put the body on offense
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PhosChol: For Diabetes

PhosChol’s primary active ingredient is PPC. In clinical studies, PPC has been shown to have positive effects on plasma lipids and plasma lipoproteins. Moreover, PPC has been shown to contribute to an improved condition of blood glucose, glycosylated hemoglobin, ketone body excretion, and other diabetes-specific parameters by positively affecting the pathological mechanism of specific diabetes-associated disturbances.

As a Membrane Therapeutic, PPC has been shown to be a valuable supplement to the basic treatment of diabetics with insulin or oral anti-diabetics if controlling the diabetes does not lead to a restoration of normal lipid metabolism.

PPC has been shown to:

Indication: Diabetes-associated dyslipidemia that cannot be completely normalized by insulin or oral antidiabetics, particularly hypertriglyceridemia and hypoalpha-lipoproteinemia; diabetes-induced peripheral, coronary and cerebral circulation disturbances.

Dosage Recommendation: 1.8 to 2.7 grams orally. Once daily at meal time. Take with a little liquid if necessary.

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